Our Goal is

To create close inter-generational relationships that strengthen values and living environment in Israel.

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How it all started…

Sharon and her daughters regularly visited a relative in an Assisted Living Facility.  During these visits, it was clear that the presence of children brought much joy to many of the residents.  Sharon began searching, and discovered several models world-wide for inter-generational activities.  With these in mind, she invited others interested in this concept to brainstorm with her, thus creating a multi-disciplinary working group.  This has evolved into the establishment of "קשר בין דורי – Connecting the Generations“

What do we as a society gain by creating these relationships? For the Elderly: A sense of meaning by using knowledge and life experience, lessening feeling of loneliness and boredom, preservation and improvement of physical and mental state. For the children: receiving love and warmth from adults, learning new skills, strengthening social and emotional intelligence, learning to accept others and patience.

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Our Team


Sharon Walker- Zaks


Business Development Manager


Naama Harari


Early childhood manager

in Mazkeret Batya


Vicki Mermosky- Radi

Project Manager


Hagit Eylon

Business and Organizational consultant


Shani Guzi

Preschooll Manager and Owner


Elysia Davidovski  

Director & teacher Pre school training at Ahva College


Offira Shoham

Supportive community manager nationwide


Maytal Zerobnick

Manager- Kesher Ben Dori


Yasmin Werner Tabanchick

Dance instructor

for Seniors and Children


Sara Asher

Consultant in gerontology.

Senior citizen placement advisor

What We Do



Joint activities at senior day centers, introducing seniors to children from nearby pre-schools, once or twice per week.

Training and Mentoring

Providing tools and instruction to pre-schools, senior centers and municipalities to encourage building and enabling inter-generational facilities.

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Group lectures

For communities, schools and more different topics including: multi generational family- how to make it work?, Multi generational volunteering- the right way and Multi generational relationships- why does it matter? (each lecture is customized for the specific audience)


The programs are accompanied by multidisciplinary research to examine the impact of the program by researchers from Bar Ilan University.

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Our Partners

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לוגו מטב שקוף כולל השורה עמותה לשירותי..

Multi Generation around the World


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